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A new Resident Evil, the Dreamcast turns 20, NES game facts, and more.

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SNES games on Nintendo Switch, Jedi Knight 2, Doom 64, Puzzle Quest, PSP games, and more.

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Disney's Aladdin and Lion King, Mega Man Zero, Shovel Knight Dig, Control, and more.

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Harnessing the power of the atom, Tina beams in holographic scoops directly from Gamescom 2019 in Germany: Avengers, Death Stranding, and Video Game 20 Questions.

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Can you guess these bangin' game tunes? | We are trying some new GAMES on Game Scoop this week.

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A rare NES cart surfaces, and we flip through the August 1994 issue of EGM. Street Fighter II, Dragon's Lair, Donkey Kong, and more.

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PS4 and Switch sales milestones, why EA avoids the Switch, Game Boy turns 30, and more.

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This week we're discussing what faces should appear on the video game version of Mount Rushmore, the best system-selling games, our favorite weapon types, and more.

The song at the end of this week's episode is called "Very Handsome." You can find it in your favorite music service. Scoop!

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This week we're discussing GameStop's new retro game stores, Final Fantasy, Slay the Spire, Inside, and more.

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Nintendo Switch Lite, Donkey Kong 3, the best NES and SNES Classic games, and more.

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Game of the Year Watch 2019 continues! Super Mario Maker 2, Sekiro, Devil May Cry 5, and more.

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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, required gaming, ancient pinball, 2DS games, and more.

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Cyberpunk 2077, Borderlands 3, Link's Awakening, Avengers, Final Fantasy 7, and so much more. The song at the end of this episode is called "Forget I Said Anything," from back when Daemon was recording under the name Monster-0.

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It's the big E3 preview! The next Xbox, Avengers, Halo, Animal Crossing, and so much more. Plus, Google Stadia launch details.

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Avengers, Death Stranding, Contra, and more.

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Discussing 10/10s, the new Play Date handheld, Castlevania, and more.

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Rage 2, Katana Zero, Super Mario Maker 2, and more.

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Next-gen console features we want, Phantom Dust, the 1998 Video Game Buyer's Guide, and more.

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Mortal Kombat 11, Castlevania, Video Game 20 Questions, and more.

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PlayStation 5, Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, Capcom Home Arcade, and more.

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Nintendo Switch games, games with bummer endings, Master Chief Collection, and more.

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The end of pre-owned games, Borderlands 3, Shovel Knight, and more.

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New Nintendo Switch models, Sony's State of Play, Apple Arcade, Lord of the Rings: Golem, and more. This week's song is "Vectorbeam" off Daemon's album Beyond the Darkness.

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Google's Stadia game streaming service, The Division 2, StarTropics, and more. The song at the end of this week's episode is called "Holodeck Happy Hour" off Daemon's album, Beyond the Darkness.

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A "new" Left 4 Dead, Google's streaming console, Devil May Cry 5, and more.

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Xbox One S All-Digital Edition, N64 games on Nintendo Switch, E3 2019 predictions, and more.

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Anthem, Console Wars, Nintendo vs. Sega, and more.

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Open-world maps, Darkest Dungeon 2, great PS4 games, and more.

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Far Cry New Dawn, Why Sony is skipping E3, "arcadey" games, and more.

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Apex Legends, Metroidvanias, Bubsy the Bobcat, and more.

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The best publishers, Sony's first-party studios, Wargroove, and more. The song at the end of this episode is Daemon's cover of "Everyday" by AFX. You can find it on his Daecare album.

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Resident Evil 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, cool new Nintendo indies, and more.

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Mortal Kombat 11, Kingdom Hearts, and more.

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PS4 is about to hit a major sales milestone, Yoshi's Crafted World, Zelda II, and more.

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2019 predictions, Game of the Decade Watch, The Year of the Video Game, and more.

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